Surface Rust Treatment of Electric Push Rod

2019-03-26 15:51:56

1: The rusting of electric push rod is caused by ductile iron and stainless steel used by some manufacturers. If rusting is not serious, sandpaper can be used to polish and remove rust.

Shortcomings: Sand paper has a large loss on the rod itself.

2: Chemical rust removal is mainly a rust removal method which uses acid to react with the metal parts of the electric push rod to remove the rust products on the rust surface of the push rod. This method is mainly used for the push rod of large machinery. At the same time, attention should be paid to the protection of precision devices such as electronic instruments in the process of use so as to avoid acid corrosion.

3: High pressure water abrasive rust removal. A method of grinding and rust removal of electric push rod by high pressure water jet and abrasive has the advantage of little damage to material, but water has certain damage to electronic equipment, which is suitable for the removable type of push rod.

4: Small-scale pneumatic or electric rust removal. This method is based on the principle of friction produced by air compression or electromagnetic effect. It can be used for polishing and rust removal of rusty surface of push rod surface. It can be used for precision instrument push rod or for enterprises needing micro-operation of electric push rod.

Surface Rust Treatment of Electric Push Rod