Attention must be paid to the running-in process of electric push rod

2019-03-26 15:54:14

Using the new electric push rod has a new running-in period just like driving. Only when the man-machine is integrated, can the effect be better.

(1) Strictly ensure the normal cooling of natural gas engines, and strictly prohibit the operation under abnormal cooling conditions (such as water shortage, excessive water temperature, too low, etc.). Cylinder liner can work normally only under normal cooling conditions. Use qualified cooling water and add appropriate amount of rust-proof emulsifier to prevent serious scale and cavitation.

(2) Ensure clean air intake, prevent sand and harmful chemicals from entering the cylinder, so as to avoid serious wear or corrosion of the cylinder.

(3) Natural gas fuels should be purified to prevent more harmful substances from entering the cylinder, causing corrosion and wear on the cylinder.

(4) Start-up at low temperature and long idle operation should be avoided.

(5) Do a good job in the initial running-in of new and overhaul machines. Although the machining accuracy and surface roughness of cylinder liner and piston rings of new and overhaul machines are very high, there are inevitably rough machining marks on their micro-surface. During the initial operation, the metal contacts directly with the micro-bumps of the relative moving surface, and the oil film is not easy to form, which results in dry friction. In this situation, direct high-speed operation with load will inevitably cause serious wear and tear, scratch, and "bite cylinder" phenomenon. Therefore, the initial operation of natural gas engine must be run-in.