Discrimination of Self-locking Function of Electric Push Rod

2019-03-26 15:55:28

Because the electric push rod needs to bounce back and forth when it completes loading and unloading operation, if the self-locking function is not good enough, it is easy to drop the electric push rod in the process of jitter. So how can we distinguish its self-locking function?

The structure of electric push rod is relatively compact, so the device is convenient, occupies small space and maintains conveniently. Because of its high overload protection ability, it can work under load; set up the way of hydraulic lock. In the circuit, a two-way hydraulic lock is set, and the bolt heating rod can stop at arbitrary position in a fixed scale and self-lock, but the whole output force will not change.

The push rod and speed of the electric push rod can be adjusted freely, and the driving scale is still wide. During the operation of the electro-hydraulic push rod, if the power is cut off, the push rod will be locked automatically, thus avoiding unnecessary accidents effectively. Therefore, the full hydraulic rolling is adopted and used. The movement will become more flexible and smooth, not only effectively mitigate external shocks, but also improve the accuracy of the whole trip control. In the whole working environment, the condition of dust and water will not improve, so the interior will not rust. Thus, the service life of the electric push rod is prolonged.