What role does electric push rod play in electric sand?

2019-03-26 16:01:33

What effect does electric push rod have in electric sofa? Electric sofa can fully reflect the comfort performance in use, because electric push rod and motor complete the corresponding work, when people lie down before stretching, from head to foot, the bearing capacity of each part is even useful to other parts of the body, it can be used to massage tired body, promote blood circulation. Benefit health, increase comfort together. The pedal can be ejected from under the sofa, which is the overall shape, no gap design.

The electric push rod is suitable for the design of electric sofa, because the electric sofa has the function of adjustable height and inclination. The first way to complete the function of the electric massage chair is through the electric push rod. Electric push rod is also called linear push rod, linear actuator and linear actuator. Linear push rod is mainly composed of electric push rod, control box, remote control board, cable and so on.

Jiangmen electric push rod

Linear electric push rod is a kind of mechanism that converts rotational motion into linear motion. According to the different combinations of matching motor, screw and control device, and stroke switch, the electric push rod can complete lifting, tilting and rolling functions. Because of its small size, quiet design, high safety, multiple force and thrust, it is sure to be safe and easy to operate. All operations of linear electric push rod are concentrated on the remote control board and can be operated flexibly.

The electric sofa has a top waist device, its cushion can move backwards together, the back will rise, the waist and head will rise two pillows, support the head and waist, make people sit more comfortable. When people lie down and rest, their back tilts to a flat angle, but they have pillows on their heads. It greatly enhances people's comfort and is deeply loved by customers.